Trains, Tracks and Birthday Snacks


Chugging in a new season with a fun and creative first birthday party. So all aboard and stay on track, you don’t want to miss any of these “pin”-able details!

I don’t know what it is about little boys and noise but almost everyone of them learns at a very young age to make different honking, engine and crashing sounds. I just love watching them push their cars or trucks or trains while making the sound bbrrrrmmm…brrrmmm! How fitting to have a first birthday dedicated to boys and their toys!

This momma pulled out all the stops to make one awesome locomotive themed party!




What a neat idea for a kids table, I love the bandanas which can be used for a napkin and a neck tie to get every little party goer looking like a conductor!





Décor aside, isn’t this home just gorgeous?!? I love how clean the white looks, it makes all the bright colors pop so well!


For the party, I made a cake for the guests and the birthday boy and some really fun cookies! The cake had two trains with rail cars going around the cake and some fun dots as a border to pull the colors all together.  I love the train yard and tracks that were set up around the desserts, great thinking!

The cookies were also really fun to make, the primary colors go so well with each other and really keep the desserts age appropriate. I have to say, those little engineer uniforms are probably my favorite, you’re killing me mini overalls!



Huge thank you to the very talented parents of Landen who not only put together this fabulous party but also took pictures of it all so that I could share with you all!


Better Together

10801839_1It has been far too long since I have posted. So finally, I am posting in the third month of this year. Wow! Twenty-fifteen already, time definitely flies around here.

I thought that this wedding would be perfect for this month, with St. Patrick’s day coming up and all. I must say I am loving the mint and tiffany blue far more than the Kelly green you typically see at this time of year. We can fudge the rules a bit right? I mean green is still green, no matter the shade.

Bekah is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. You know those people who you think, “Are they really this nice, all the time?” Yes, she is, kind and as you will find out by her wedding details, creative as well. Her vintage, grandmother’s dress; lace details and gorgeous flowers on a warm summer’s evening made for a steamy, romantic love fair.

10612570_1IMG_1086The floral arrangements for this wedding are unreal. Massive, whimsy bouquets and lush green garlands added so much beauty and life to the event. Em from the Poppy Design Co. certainly knows a thing or two about flower arranging.


This was one of the most fun receptions that I have been to. I mean backyard weddings certainly are sweet and intimate but this one was also fun, a lot of fun: dinner, dancing, confetti, dessert and fellowship.


I just love making cakes for friends. This cake was one of my favorite by far because I got to use a few new techniques from the topper to the border.


I would say that one of the best techniques on this cake was the wafer paper wrap on the third tier. I cut the edge with a die-cut to get a lace effect and then piped over in royal icing. The results for this technique are fabulous and take much less time than hand-cutting. The flowers are also all handmade and are filled with a sugar button center.




2015 Brides, all I have to say, CONFETTI! This was such a fun addition to the dance floor and made for some fun photos too!


The newly weds left in style with a fun sparkler exit. What a great couple, they are better together.


Photos: Wild & Stripe Co and Elle O’Quinn Photography

Flowers: Poppy Design Co.