Please feel free to inquire about designs and pricing! Email us at!
Or contact at 661-264-8516, located in Lancaster, Ca.


18 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello there,
    We’re currently looking for a cake baker for our wedding May 10, 2014.
    Our photographer Diana McGregor recommended you and said you do great work!
    We’d love to set up a tasting with you.
    We have some availability Saturday March 1st.
    Please let me know if you are available. 🙂

  2. Hey Jessica! I’m not sure if you remember me or not! I referred a friend to you and met you at chase!:) I have my sons birthday coming up and also my engagement party and need your wonderful services! My cell phone number is (626) 375-1087 thanks lady!

  3. Hi was wondering if I could contact you about ordering and prices. It would be for a baby shower about 50people and I’m interested in cake, cookies, and possibly cupcakes. Thank you.

  4. My fiancé and I will be having our engagement party December 6th, 2015. We were hoping to get cookies made for our party. Do you do the calendar with the date and heart around it. If so do you have an example and cost?

  5. How much are your cookies and cakes for baby’s first birthdays? And do you think they’d make a ok drive from Cali to vegas? I am in vegas and from Cali I’ll come pick up but I love them 🙂 please let me know my daughters first is in January

  6. Hi! How far in advance would I need to place an order for 2 dozen cookies? 12 would be hot wheels design & other 12 would be crowns or something girly 🙂 I might change the designs my kids have the same birthday in February still trying to figure out what I am going to do.

    Alicia Robison

  7. Hi. I was wondering about costs for cookies for the beginning of June. Please contact me with a price list, etc. Thank you.

  8. Hi are you taking orders? I would love to get a small cake and cookies for a last minute birthday party for camdyn December 11th

  9. Hi i am just wondering if you are able to make a owl blossom cake for mu daughter’s first birthday..please i need to know your pricing as well ..thanks

  10. Having a gender reveal party jan 8th 2017! So in two months . The theme is twinkle twinkle little star how we wonder what you are 😊. Wondering if we can order some custom cookies ?

  11. Hello sweets!
    I was wondering if you are booked already for Sunday the 23rd of April? That’s Miller’s birthday 🙀 I don’t know the theme yet but I know I want a small cake and cookies😻 Let me know! Thank you so much! Hope your having a great year so far❤
    Vanessa lemen
    Or just DM me one my Instagram!

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