You’ve Cat to be Kitten Me!



Throwing a party for a one-year-old can be quite the affair. And why not? After all, parents are celebrating a whole new year of firsts, especially for baby number one!

This momma pulled together one adorable party for her little one. Combining her love for cats and her trendy style, this party will keep you smiling as you browse all the purr-fect details. Keep your eyes peeled for some easy, DIY ideas that may inspire your next event!


This simple DIY kitty head band was a great way to offer guests a favor and keep them looking like fun, party animals. Simply cut two different sized triangles for the ears (you choose the color paper) and glue them together, next purchase some inexpensive headbands from the store (most of these head bands come in packs and can even be purchased at $1.00 stores!). Once your ears are dry, attached the ears to the head bands about 3 inches apart using a hot glue gun. Voila! Simple but oh so fun!


The kitty silhouette garlands are so festive, hang them up in door ways or large open spaces for an inexpensive decoration. You can purchase bulk paper at most craft stores and print a template from the computer, just a little time and cutting for some great party accessories. Momma used her little girl’s month-by-month photos on the front this garland, a great way to display her as she grew up. My how a baby changes that first year!


This dessert bar has me all heart-eyes! I just love the black and white stripes and the different color pinks! Keeping it classy!

There is quite the assortment of desserts too, cake, cookies, rice cereal treat with caramel, caramelitas (if heaven was a cookie bar) and doughnuts.


The smash cake is just as adorable as little Callie Kitten. To be sure that the little cat lady didn’t have an allergic reaction on her birthday, I made her a gluten free and dairy free cake. This one was so yummy too, the icing I made from coconut oil, vanilla extract and powdered sugar, so good!

This yummy treat was definitely a success for this precious birthday girl!


Special thanks to this lady for all her creativity and generosity. I have made so many cakes and goodies for this family that I am pretty sure they are a main key to my success.

Beautiful flower arrangements by Moore Flowers Please.


Trains, Tracks and Birthday Snacks


Chugging in a new season with a fun and creative first birthday party. So all aboard and stay on track, you don’t want to miss any of these “pin”-able details!

I don’t know what it is about little boys and noise but almost everyone of them learns at a very young age to make different honking, engine and crashing sounds. I just love watching them push their cars or trucks or trains while making the sound bbrrrrmmm…brrrmmm! How fitting to have a first birthday dedicated to boys and their toys!

This momma pulled out all the stops to make one awesome locomotive themed party!




What a neat idea for a kids table, I love the bandanas which can be used for a napkin and a neck tie to get every little party goer looking like a conductor!





Décor aside, isn’t this home just gorgeous?!? I love how clean the white looks, it makes all the bright colors pop so well!


For the party, I made a cake for the guests and the birthday boy and some really fun cookies! The cake had two trains with rail cars going around the cake and some fun dots as a border to pull the colors all together.  I love the train yard and tracks that were set up around the desserts, great thinking!

The cookies were also really fun to make, the primary colors go so well with each other and really keep the desserts age appropriate. I have to say, those little engineer uniforms are probably my favorite, you’re killing me mini overalls!



Huge thank you to the very talented parents of Landen who not only put together this fabulous party but also took pictures of it all so that I could share with you all!