Chugga-chugga two two

Another fun, birthday filled weekend. I love that these parents saved this theme for their two-year-old. Having a little boy myself who will soon be two (crazy!), I can see that little boys definitely love their planes, trains and automobiles.

This family does such a great job with setting up for their kids’ parties. They decorate everywhere and if that isn’t enough also have fun activities lined up like a snow cone trailer and a train that goes around the neighborhood, choo-choo! I have loved making desserts for their girls so what a treat it was to make their son’s birthday desserts as well.

My little guy was my delivery assistant on this delivery. It was rather difficult to pry him away from the festivities. Who doesn’t love a good party?

Believe it or not, I am quite the minimalist. So when I go on a delivery and my clients have ordered desserts from me plus they have a whole dessert spread that they have assembled and arranged themselves, I am so impressed. Everything looks mouth-watering.

I designed the cake and cookies using the invitation as inspiration. I loved this one, simple but oh-so-cute. The triangle confetti sprinkles had to be used in the design.


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