Ahoy! It’s a boy!


I hope that you all enjoyed your weekends. I sure did! Celebrating a new baby’s arrival with friends and family is what I call a good time, especially when it is spent at a perfect party. This baby shower swept all the guests from the mountain side ranch home to a shabby chic, seaside bungalow. Grandma- and aunties-to-be put so much time and effort into this party, not a detail went unnoticed. This one is just too darling not to share. Don’t worry, I took lots of photos, sit back and enjoy!


Hand-stamped paper bags filled with salt water taffy were left for each guest to take home so they could savor the event a little longer. And gallon-sized bottles were placed in the center of the table for decoration and for a place for messages or advice for the future parents. This message in the bottle was just a fabulous way to display function and flare.


Not saying “baby” is much more difficult than I thought. (Side note: In the past year I have known at least 10 friends who have had babies, so this is a regular topic of discussion for us.) Oh, how fun and frustrating this game can be, biting your tongue every other sentence or the victory of catching a woman in the middle of the “B” word. Either way, the life preservers on a necklace are an adorable idea and totally work with this theme. That’s all I care about anyway.

DSC_038 DSC_036

Momma-to-be looked just darling in her aqua blue blouse and matching anchor nails! Can I look this cute pregnant, please.



And saving the best for last, the dessert bar! Wow! This sweet set-up was definitely a focal point of the shower. The ladies had a great assortment of homemade desserts and vintage candies. The bar was a great collaboration between myself and the aunties, it had the perfect splash of color and a boat-load of cuteness. I couldn’t refrain from taking one photo after the other.


Awe, I just love to see all this hard work pay off! These ladies did an amazing job with this shower. I think a round of applause is in order. Thanks girls for letting me be a part of it!


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