Merry-go-Round 1st Birthday


Is it just me or is this merry-go-round we call life spinning out of control? I am having too much fun making some adorable cakes this year. Today’s party is highlighting one of my favorites. Pastel pink, mint, lavender and gold pair beautifully for this first birthday bash. The cake was just one of the focal points at the carnival affair.


I was so impressed by all of the hard work put into the details of the party I had to take pictures of everything. The carousel ponies decorated the entire house from the entryway to the appetizer table, what’s even more impressive is that all these decorations were made by the birthday girl’s grandma! I love creative people!


I designed a cake based on the theme of the party and used all the pretty pastel colors with gold accents through out. The top tier is probably the main focus, a carousel replica with stomping gold ponies and an ornate pinnacle. The middle tier is a fun harlequin pattern which was personalized with a number and the birthday girl’s name. Lastly, the bottom tier, just girlie and flirty, ombre pink ruffles from top to bottom. Isn’t this cake just darling?


The cake was perfectly displayed on a dessert table decorated like a sweet shop. Yummy pastel colored candies and treats surrounded the three-tiered centerpiece.



Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a chance to take notes and inspiration from this adorable party! And a huge thanks to the family for sharing their photos with me so I can share with all of you!



2 thoughts on “Merry-go-Round 1st Birthday

    • getcakedup,
      I am super impressed by the set up as well! Unfortunately, I was not present during the set up or the preparation of the decorations so I have no idea how they made them. I do know that they used a lot of styrofoam boards for the horses and other decor.

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