Little Monster 1st Birthday

Today’s post is so cute it’s scary. You are going to see monsters a lot more often, kid’s just love them, and for good reason these fury, multi-eyed creatures are just darling! Momma did an awesome job carrying the theme through every detail of the party, from a hand-made monster piñata to a put-the-eye-on-the-monster poster.




Adopt a monster, what a great idea, just what every little party animal would want to take home and care for.



Cole’s mom wanted an assortment of cakes and cookies. Two of the cakes were buttercream cakes, one for the birthday boy to smash into and the other for the guests. Both cakes were decorated as some fun little monsters and then I made a festive fondant cake with bunting banners and sweet little monster all around the cake.




Look at that sweet little one enjoying his very first cake!



Hope you enjoyed the post and got some fun ideas for your next party. I am happy to share all of the creative ideas that the hostess came up with and executed so well.


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