Pirate Birthday



Ahoy there, mateys! Get ready to set sail for the merriest pirate party this far west of the Caribbean! We are heading into uncharted waters where creativity and imagination are plenty, and where laughter and fun are sure to be found. Just keep heading south on this here page and you will see what treasure I am talking about!

I have so many crafty clients which makes my job so much more fun, I love showing up on a delivery to find a house all decked out in the party’s theme. Elliott’s mom is one of the most artsy people I know. It is a pleasure making her kids cakes just so I can see what ingenious ideas she has come up with for the party!






Creativity certainly runs in this family, Elliott’s abuelita made this awesome pinada custom for the special day!  Here is the little sea dog himself, Captain Elliott, all dressed up in his best marauding attire.



Ever since watching Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean, I have loved pirate themes. This cake is probably one of my favorites, there are so many details in a theme like this that it becomes easy to get carried away. Take me away, I had a blast every second in making this one!


Thanks for stopping by and happy sailing you scalley-wags!


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