Techy Birthday 3.0


Wow! What a crazy busy month it has been. Cakes and parties back to back. I have a lot of catching up to do but here is a fun party from this past weekend.

My sister-in-law’s husband is quite the tech guru, he’s the guy that even makes the “geek squad” look incompetent at what they do. It only seemed too appropriate to incorporate his love for electronics and gadgets into the theme of his 3.0 birthday party.



Sarah did her best to pull together all of her husband’s favorite things into the décor for the party. So, miscellaneous beer bottles became center pieces, homemade hot sauce and iMac cookies became favors, BBQ was served for dinner and the perfect hi tech cake was made.




The cake design came from a friend and fellow baker, Melinda, from CAKEgoodness.

After my sister-in-law saw the cake that CAKEgoodness made for a similar birthday bash, she told me that she had to have it.

With a little tweaking of colors and app selection, we made the cake custom for Ryan’s interests and hobbies.



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