Bold Barn Wedding


This beautiful wedding took place on a glorious, warm July day. A perfect day for a wedding. The wedding venue was a stunning orchard with a Southern style home, wrap around porch and all, and a large barn in the back ideal for a dinner reception. The guests had the view of the orange groves as the Mr. & Mrs. exchanged their vows to honor and cherish until death do they part.



This barn wedding had the traditional rustic charm that you might expect to see at any other barn wedding but this wedding added a twist with the bold grape and orange colors. I haven’t seen these colors paired together very often, but I hope to see it more. I love the combination, it’s fun and fresh.

The bride, a graphic design major, did such a great job with all the details, coupling elements of vintage and trendy like she put together the oranges and purples.






The dessert bar was everything as pretty and unpredictable as the rest of the wedding. The bride surprised her new husband with a groom’s cake. I love this idea, it’s a great to make your man feel like it’s not just the bride’s big day but it’s his big day too. A little bit of masculine amongst all the prettiness.


Speaking of prettiness, take a look at this wedding cake, 3 tiers of ivory. The top tier covered in sugar flowers, a rustic middle tier and a bottom tier wrapped in sugar leaves.



And how fun is this groom’s cake, when I asked the bride if she wanted the chocolate “mud” sprayed all over her pristine white cake she gave me an emphatic “YES”! It’s so good to see a bride that is easy-going and wants her wedding reflect that spirit.




It’s events like these that I just love what I do, getting to see all the magic of a wedding and be part of it as a vendor, pretty cool! P.S.I told you the grounds were beautiful, couldn’t finish this post with out a shot of the home!

More photos can be found on Caleb John Hill’s blog, what a fantastic, artistic photographer!


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