Chevron and Polka Dot Baby Shower


Today’s cake is for a bright and funky baby shower with modern patterns— polka dots and chevron. This pattern has been so popular for the past couple years and I am excited to share this cake with you today, my first chevron!

Grandma-to-be and momma-to-be did a great job on all the big and little details for this shower. The two and others decorated the house as cute as could be for the joyous occasion. There were handmade banners and pom poms hung and hand-sewn table runners laid on the tables. No detail went unnoticed, love it!



The scrumptious dessert table came with an assortment of cakes, bars, cookies and candies. I took the pictures a little early so we don’t have the full spread but you get the idea. I made the cake, cupcakes and cookies for the affair and love how they all turned out.


Like I said before, this was my first cake that I created with the chevron pattern. The invitation and stationery included the chevron pattern, bunting banners and scalloped borders, so for the cake we combined the three. A little leery at first because of the all the cuts and lines but I think that the results were incredible. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it.


The elephant was not really part of the shower theme at all but elephants are the mom-to-be’s favorite animal so I thought, we just have to have an elephant in their some where. He adorned the top of the cake quite nicely, isn’t his party hat sweet?



Just one more close up of the cookies and desserts. I think that the matching cookies just pull the whole collection together perfectly.




6 thoughts on “Chevron and Polka Dot Baby Shower

  1. SO beautiful! You’ve inspired me to make some of my own for an upcoming baby shower. If you don’t mind me asking, what size cookie cutters have you used here? They’re perfect!

    • Thank you Alia!
      I used the Wilton baby set for the onesies, about a 2.5″ scalloped border, mini heart cutter and about a 2.5″ round cutter for the elephant 🙂
      Happy baking, I would love to see what you come up with 🙂

  2. This cake and cupcakes and cookies are amazing. Would you mind sharing how you made your elephant? A friend of mine asked me to make something similar to this so I was just curious how you did the elephant?

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