Exquisite Eggplant Wedding


I am not sure where time goes, it seems to pass by so quickly. It seemed literally just yesterday that my dear friend and I were choreographing our water ballet routines and riding bikes around the block. Then out of no where at all, we both met boys, fell in love and decided to marry them. This brings us to our post today, one of my childhood best friend’s wedding. Pinch me, am I dreaming!

You may remember her beautiful vintage bridal shower from a couple months back. If you loved the desserts and details from that shower, hold tight because I think that you will be taken away with all of this wedding’s prettiness.


The color choice from this wedding is just breath taking, the eggplant hues created such an elegant environment for the whole evening.


And the cake, oh the cake, this is perhaps one of my favorite cakes to date. It is a combination of striking elegance and fun design. The whimsical, filigree decals were a new technique for me, and one that I am very proud of. You can learn how to put custom decals like this on your cakes too by using the wax paper transfer method. Jessica Harris, of Jessicakes, has a great how-to blog and Craftsy classes that will teach these step by step methods. Trust me they will revolutionize the way that you decorate!



Cheers to the happy couple, may your years be filled with much love and joy for eachother!


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