Fifty is Sew Fabulous!

A couple weeks ago my mom turned 50. Nothing extraordinary happened on her birthday, I think she even worked! Us siblings planned to celebrate with her, something low-key, just dinner at my sister’s house. For some reason or other, even that little get together was cancelled and my mom was left feeling a little less than special on her milestone birthday. She didn’t complain, didn’t even show any disappointment; she just thought that she would be having a party of some sorts. After hearing that she expected something but it never came, us sister’s decided to throw her an impromptu, last minute, surprise birthday party.

For as long as I can remember, my mom has sewn. Growing up, she made us new outfits every week for church, she sewed dolls, altered dress-up clothes, stitched up tatters clothes, you name it. We thought it only too appropiate to make the theme of the party Sew Fabulous for the seamstress.

This is literally how our planning process went: “We should throw a party for mom.” “Ok, I have Monday off work let’s do everything then.” “Alright how about we have it a sewing theme. I will look up ideas on Pinterest tonight {Sunday} and we will plan everything tomorrow for Tuesday.”

Ready, Set, GO!

In just under 12 hours and on a tight budget we pulled together a birthday for our beloved momma. We even managed to wrangle about 35-40 friends to celebrate with us! Here are some of the details from the party.


With just some cardboard, party paper and string we managed to make a cute and inexpensive backdrop to look like oversized buttons and spools of thread.



My sister baked the moistest chocolate cake, one of mom’s favorites and we loaded it with 50, yes 5-0, candles!


Sugar cookies, especially little bite sized ones are perfect treats. This whole platter went in no time!


We made an oversized ruler out of a plank of wood and had each guest sign it. My mom kept the huge measuring stick and has it displayed in her sewing room!




How fun it was to throw such a crazy, eclectic party for our loving, devoted mom. So blessed to have a wonderful mom!


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