Milestone 70th Birthday Cake

There are some people who you automatically have a respect for, people who have accomplished something great or have done something worthwhile with their lives. For Dean’s 70th birthday, his wife wanted to show off some of the accomplishments and characteristics of the man she respects most. This cake highlights only a few things that Dean has done in his life: hunting enthusiast, business owner, motorhead.


All the details in the cake are handmade and edible, from the cowboy hat to the shotgun shells.



My favorite elements on this cake are the modeling chocolate trees and mallard ducks.


Not one detail went amiss, handpainted blue prints, contruction signs and cones went around the middle tier to portray Dean’s successful construction company while tires, helmets and checkered flags showed off his wild side, his love for motorcycles!

What a fun cake this was to make, so cool to see what can be made with some sugar and flour!



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