Lime and Plum Bridal Shower

The flowers are blooming and everything is becoming green again. I think it is safe to say that shower season has officially begun. No better way to start off the season with a beautiful bridal shower.
The theme for the event was a vintage, garden shower. Two sisters coordinated and decorated the whole affair. I love their use of the paper doilies and ribbon; and the deep plum and lime green accented each other just beautifully! As you can probably imagine, I was thrilled to make the desserts for not only this shower but my sweet, childhood friend.


Instead of dessert bar, the sisters set-up a vege bar, they had different vegetables and dipping sauces. A great idea so that the bride doesn’t have to blow her diet right before her big day!



Isn’t this LOVE sign just the cutest! I would love to see someone use doilies like this at a wedding maybe a sign for cards or gifts? The possibilities are endless!




I was a little disappointed in myself because I had a whole design in mind for the cake. I wanted to do some sort of stencil print in lavendar and have mini flowers all over the cake with a monogram…you get the idea. Having other orders in the same weekend just took up all my time so I resorted to a more simple design, rustic buttercream with an oversized sugar flower. Happy to say that the simple cake is probably just as beautiful as the elaborate one and I think went better with the overall design of the shower. Glad that it worked out!



Happy Spring All!


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