Ice Cream Party!


Today’s party is screaming adorable with all the sweet details. Toppings, sprinkles and cones galore, we welcome spring with the feature today.


Ella’s parents have out-done themselves once again. It is like this party came right off the pages of pinterest. Indeed, many of the ideas did. Mom put her creativity on overdrive with the centerpieces, games and dessert bar. Great job! Everything was picture perfect!


While mom and little Ella were busy with the little details, dad was in the garage setting up shop, an ice cream shop that is. He built a replica, vintage awning which tied together the whole theme. This ice cream bar would make every little guest squeal with delight as they got to create their favorite sundaes.


Last but not least, the cake. Four layers of spongy vanilla cake with whipped cream and strawerries in the middle, Ella’s favorite. We topped the cake with chocolate ganache and a overturned icecream cone.



I am love with this charming cake and all of the details of the party. Big round of applause to the parents who pulled this all off!




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