Birthday Hoedown


Every now and then I get to make a cake for someone very special. This cake was for one of those people. Rob, the birthday boy, has been my husband’s honorary uncle for as long as he could remember. Rob is a man’s man: hunter, fisherman, cowboy. When I first met my husband, I heard countless stories of adventures he had with his uncle up at the ranch. Now, not only do I get to know this loving, Godly man myself, I had the opportunity to make his 60th birthday cake!

Rob’s wife contacted me about a month before the party to ask me if I would make the cake. We went back and forth on different western designs but nothing seemed to be personal to Rob. Then she sent me a photo of a cowboy hat, she told me he never goes anywhere with out his hat. We were finally getting somewhere. Later, we added a gun and his Bible. The three items Rob is never without: his hat, his gun and his Bible. I think we hit the bull’s eye with this one.



I made the gun out of sugar, something that would dry as hard as porcelain so that it could be kept as a memento of his 60th birthday celebration.


The hall was decorated with authentic, vintage decor perfect for a hoedown complete with country music and line dancing. DSC_0010



The coordinator and designer went all out on the decorations. She even thought of the little kiddos and prepared tables just for them!





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