Laker’s Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

This cake was a slam dunk, literally. By the time I left the party, there were only crumbs left and a lot of happy, hyper teens and a very grateful birthday boy.


The birthday boy {} is a youth pastor at a local church and his wife decided to arrange a little surprise after the Tuesday meeting. I delivered the treats just as the night was closing out and the congregation was splitting off into their smaller discussion groups. I sneaked in and with a little help arranged the unexpected birthday desserts.


We waited until the small groups ended and everyone joined back into the main sanctuary for a “hang-out” time. The birthday boy came into the sanctuary behind the rest of the youngsters to the astonishment of 35-or-so teenagers blaring the happy birthday song and a custom cake and cupcakes! You would have thought the Lakers won the championship with the smile he had on his face. I guess you could say this is one of the huge reasons I love what I do, nothing better than making someone’s day with a little sugar and spice!



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