Tea for Two Cookie Tutorial

We are not out of the winter season just yet. I know that teacups are usually affiliated with spring teas but for me, tea has always been more of a comfort drink to warm me up during the cold months. The love month is no exception, we have seen more snow and harsh weather this month than November through January.
So turn on the kettle and fall in love with this sweet teatime collection.

cookies 3

To make these darling cups you will need either a cup cutter or if you are like me and dont have one, print out a basic cup template online and cut it out. Place your template on top of the rolled out dough and using a sharp knife {careful now} cut out your cookies.

Whip up your royal icing in the following colors:

-White outlining and 20 second icing
– Mint outlining and 20 second icing

Begin by outlining the cookie in the tea cup style you want {remember, tea cups come in all shapes and sizes so get creative and have fun with the designs}. I chose 4 different styles, two are shown below.

cookies 4

Fill in your cookie with the 20 second icing and then outline your handle.
Allow the cookies to dry for about 45 minutes or up to overnight to be sure the icing is hard enough for the next step.

cookies 1

For painting on the cups you will need:

-Small paintbrush for details
-Gel color, green and pink
-Airbrush color {Optional}

I used both the gel and the airbrush color, but you can always just waterdown your gel color for the first step.

To make the roses, create filled in circles with watered down pink color. {Be sure not to have too much liquid on your brush, too much water on the cookie will dissolve the sugar in the icing.} Next, fill in green around the circles. Take your gel color and scribble in a circular motion in the pink. The color should be darker since it is more concentrated thus creating the detail of the rose. Next, paint in leaves and vines in the green area around the flowers with a concentrated green color. There is no right or wrong way to this, just have fun.

cookies 5

Arty McGoo’s scribble flowers and teaset greatly inspired me for this entire project. Her roses are beautiful. She shows in a short, helpful video how to make these impressive flowers.

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Baking!


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