Baby It’s Cold Outside Cookies

It has been getting very chilly here in the high desert this past week; just another reminder that Christmas morning is on its way.
About a month ago I picked up the mitten cookie cutter and I have be itching to make a cookie out of it. Mittens are adorable and remind me of a good ole’ fashion christmas. I love all the amazing designs out there for mittens especially the handstitched, vintage mittens. Here is my inspiration for today’s tutorial:

Merry Mittens:

You will need:

Mitten cookie cutter (Can be found at Joann’s, Michael’s or most craft stores)

Sugar cookie dough (Scratch or prepared)

Royal Icing (prepared for flooding and outlining)

Small piping tips (sizes 1 and 2 are best for the detail)

Pastry bags (use Karen’s technique for preparing)

Let’s get started… after baking and cooling your cookies. Figure out your color pallete. I chose these festive colors for today’s project.


Outline your cookie in the evergreen color and then fill it with the flood icing. **Note: Only outline and fill just above the cuff. The next step will explain why.

As you can see I piped every other line with the flood icing, this is to give a textured cuff look. If you prefer your cookie to have a flat cuff then just outline and fill in the entire cookie together.


I let the icing sit for about an hour (even up to overnight) so that your detail icing doesn’s sink into the flood icing.

To get the vintage look, you will want to add alot of little dots and lines that will resemble hand-stitching. There really is no right way or wrong way just have fun with it. But, if you want to go by the book, here is my step-by-step.


There you have it! Some adorable Christmas mittens!


Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside Cookies

  1. Those are really cute – I have these cutters but every time I make cookies with them I am lost on how to decorate them. Thanks for the inspiration!

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