Presents Under the Tree Cookies

Tis’ the season to start baking cookies! One of my favorite traditions around this time of the year is making cookies. As of recent, I have been a little obsessed with adorably decorated sugar cookies. The design possibilities are unlimited, they’re tasty too!

For all of you who want to get in on this holiday cheer, I have a fun and easy tutorial for some delicious little treats.



Christmas Bows 101:

Let’s get started. First, you are going to want to bake some sugar cookies. You can either use a homemade recipe or you can use a pre-made dough. I prefer making them from scratch. I have a great recipe that I use thanks to the Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle. Her blog is inspirational and awesome!

For these cookies you will want to use either a bow cutter or if you don’t have a bow cutter, a dog bone cutter works fine. Like this one below:


Let your cookies cool completely.

While the cookies are baking, you can start making your royal icing. Royal icing is basically egg whites and powder sugar. You can use a meringue powder as an egg white substitute. A recipe can be found online or on the meringue powder can. You will want to make a thicker icing for outlining and detail work and then a thinner, almost runny icing for flooding the cookies. Karen has rocked my cookie world with her ingenious and simple techniques for royal icing.

Choose your color palette, if you make all your colors before you begin to decorate it will make your decorating experience alot less frusterating. Take it from me, going back to make another color once you have already started decorating is even worse than it sounds.


For the bows, we only need Rudolph’s Nose Red. Nice and easy!


1. Outline your cookie.

2. Fill your cookie with the flood icing, you want to do this part in steps. Fill each section separately so that you get a nice texture.

3. Add a outline of a half circle in the middle of the loop for more detail.

4. After about twenty minutes, fill in the bow loops. Once that has set, fill the little half circles.

Voila! Some adorable christmas bows in 4 easy steps!


With these, you will be making cookies that taste as good as they look!


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