Heros Cake

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…it’s…yes, ladies and gentlemen it’s a Super Hero party. This is the second cake that I have have made for mom-of-two-boys, Apryl. When she told me the theme for this year’s party, visions of super hero cakes flew into my head. Sure, making a singular hero themed cake would be easy as pie, but incorporating all of the heros, quite a different story.

I have always been a fan of the comic strip art, simple yet distinct; classic yet fun. So, I decided to go with the old school approach, onomatopoeia and all.  I love that Apryl also went with the quirky, catch phrases for the candies and treats.

One of the most iconic symbols for these super heros are their logos— from Batman to the Flash, they are all represented around the two tiers. Throw in some stars and a utility belt and “Shazam!” you have what I call a Super Hero cake.

Very special thanks for the awesome pictures from Elaine Dieball Photography, this lady has talent! Check out some more of her work: www.facebook.com/edphotography


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