Biology Bonbon

One thing I love about making cakes is the diversity of my orders, from beautiful, traditional wedding cakes to fun, spunky birthday cakes. This order is definitely one of those one in a million cakes. When Pam asked me to make a cake for her 23-year-old son, she said that she wanted something unique just for him; something techi or involving sciences. “He’s a microbiology major, what else would you expect,” said she.

So, I browsed the oh-so-vast google for microbiology ideas. Only a few items popped up on the image pages, that is hexagon formulas and braided molecular structures. As you can see, I incorporated the molecules in the borders and the numbers and the hexagons in handpainted patterns around the bottom tier.

One of my favorite parts of this cake, though, is the key board on the top tier. Not being much of a techi myself, even I fell in love with the QWERTY design, and I think you will too!

Who would have known that even I could take complicated components in biology into simple sugars?


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