Woodland Wedding

This featured threesome is dear to my heart not only because I love beautiful sugar flowers, hand-piped details or their traditional charm. This trio is also special because I made these for my brother-in-law and his bride’s wedding. What a wedding it was! The bride and groom (Daniel and Amy) wanted to create the ambiance of a wooded, outdoors wedding without actually having the wedding outside in the Southern California heat. The couple rented trees, strung bulbed lights, Daniel even built an arbor which was then decorated with branches and flowers. It only seemed fitting to have cakes that reflected the simplistic yet rustic elegance.  Layers of hand-piped strands form what seem to be twigs and large white peony and hydrangea sugar flowers just finished the look.  If you are anything like me, you probably want to see a snap shot of the entire wedding. That is possible! Follow the link to the photographer’s blog, it will be sure to please!—-> http://breemariephotography.wordpress.com/


2 thoughts on “Woodland Wedding

  1. Would you know of any instructions on creating the branch-like decorations? Or an instructional video? Thanks!

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