Lovely Lavender Baby Sprinkle

Wow! It’s been busy around here and for good reason. Off the top of my head I can think of about 10 friends who have had or will be having babies in the year 2018. What a great start to the year!

I have been honored to make desserts for friends, family and complete strangers for about 10 years now. It never gets old when a repeat client comes back for their next event asking if I would be able to make the treats. I am especially honored when friends come back, not because of obligation but because they really appreciate the time and effort that I put into my work.

This past weekend, I made desserts for three different girl baby showers. All of which were repeat customers and friends. Wow! So awesome. Really, I am humbled. Of course all the themes were cute and darling, pink and pretty from hearts and llamas to butterflies and carriages. We covered every trend in one weekend.

Today, I am sharing one of the showers, which was actually a sprinkle but Nana-to-be is just too creative to let it be a simple sprinkle. Every detail was beautiful, so girly and sweet. What an honor to be a guest as well.

All though there were fewer guests than at other events, we still managed to create a full spread dessert bar that contained all of the yummiest and most popular treats that I offer: cookies, cake pops, cake and Rice Krispie treats.

Most times a client will send me a photo of a cake that they would like and then I will recreate it. Maybe just change the colors to match the party. While, I basically just changed the colors for this cute cake. I think it made a world of difference as far as the design. The original design is beautiful but the pretty contrast of the deep mauve and cream tones and the colored flowers in this cake made it simply stunning. I also made the second tier extra tall, I think the added height makes the cake look more impressive for only being two tiers. I just love the way it turned out!

It’s nice to add sugar pieces to a cake, like this carriage. Not only do they add extra height to the design, they can also be kept as a memento of the event. The sugar dough will eventually dry as hard as ceramic and will keep as long as it’s not dropped.Per request of mom-to-be, I also added butterflies to the cake. We chose to include the fluttery creatures to the other desserts such as the RKT. The Rice Krispie treats are a fun way to include a crowd favorite but also offer a gluten free option to your guests.

The rest of the sprinkle was every bit as pretty and delicious as the dessert table from a full spread of lunch options from traditional to vegan to the guests tables being elegantly decorated with family china and crystal glasses.The guests enjoyed the party with a few fun games, well wishes for baby, and good company. The beautiful paper goods were from Taylor at eight28designs. Everything coordinated perfectly and the “Wishes for Baby” will be a lovely keepsake for both mother and daughter as she grows.


Woodland Baby Shower

It is starting to feel like Spring here in Southern California, and nothing feels more perfect to set the season than to celebrate with a baby shower. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to share a few different parties that I have either hosted or cohosted. It is so fun to see all the details and inspiration come together as each piece finds its place. Here is the most recent collaboration with my sister-in-law and the Grandma-to-be. I would say they were more the brain behind this one and I was a helping hand and willing photographer to capture all the simplistic and charming decor.

The woodland animal theme for a kid’s room or nursery has been so popular for the past couple years, and why not? Who doesn’t love flurry little ears or big bushy tails? The sweet faces of animals lend themselves to be a perfect addition to any room. And there are so many fun variations to this theme, I am always so inspired by people’s creativity and uniqueness with every theme. So as my husband’s brother and his wife eagerly await the arrival of their new, little one, they have chosen the woodland theme for their son’s and my nephew’s nursery. What better way to introduce the room theme thank use it in the baby shower as well!

We set the stage for the shower (literally!) with a total DIY teepee. If you have a tree or already cut branches, white sheets and zip ties, this fun little tent could be yours too! Having the teepee on the stage set a nice backdrop for the shower. Since the shower was in a church hall, we wanted to transform the space as much as possible without going too overboard. The teepee also was a perfect place to for the guests to leave their gifts. A little tip that I have learned whether decorating cookies, your house or a party space, add greenery! It’s a total game changer and brings so much life and interest to any setting. This adorable chalk board that my sister-in-law copied made a beautiful backdrop for the food table. The rest of the food table, drink table and welcome table were decorated with garlands of eucalyptus and twinkle lights.Per Grandma-to-be request, the shower should not be to overwhelmingly BOY. After all, we are showering a mom-to-be, save all the balls and cars for his birthday party, right? So, each table was nicely set with painted plates, collected tea cups and ornate tea pots which made for such a pretty tea party. We enjoyed a stormy afternoon, drinking tea, eating tiny sandwiches and talking about babies. What could be better?

Instead of a traditional dessert bar, each table’s center piece was a couple of cake stands adorned with mini desserts. We know so many people with dietary restrictions: no eggs, no gluten, no grains, no dairy. Fortunately, we had a team of “sisters” willing to help and we actually managed to make desserts that anyone with food restrictions could indulge from vegan and gluten free scones to grain free lemon tarts and more. Everything was so tasty, a few guests even enjoyed seconds!My contribution to the sweet stands were these delicious Alton Brown Chocolate Mousse and berries dessert. The decadent chocolate paired with the sweet fruit is so good you will certainly be scraping the bowl. This is my husband’s favorite dessert and is a crowd pleasure anytime that I have made them. They’re gluten free too!As a party favor, I made some sugar cookies. These seem to make the best favors. They are never forgotten and your guests will talk about them anytime that your event is mentioned. As a little touch to the woodland animal theme, each cookie was hand-painted with a sweet little forest creature: a bunny, a fox, a hedgehog, a bear and a raccoon. These were certainly a labor of love, but well worth the effort. It pulled together the vision perfectly. After all, it’s all about the details!