Romp and Stomp Dinosaur Birthday

Do you ever have those moments of immediate regret? I had one such moment this past weekend as soon as I saw the birthday banners and brightly colored decor transforming a local park into party central. My regret, not bringing my camera along with me to capture all the details. Mamasaurus did such an amazing job planning and designing the perfect party for her little one. You know it’s going to be good when mama is a graphic designer, but this party was just too good not to share! So, you will have to enjoy all the amazing-ness from the view of my phone camera.

Being a DIY girl myself, I just love seeing what other crafters come up with for their projects. These banners and Dino-mite signs really showed mamasaurus’s creativity and attention to the little things. Oh how I appreciate those details. She even had different tables set up for the kids, adults and babies all fitted with different decor and favors for the guests.

I really feel honored when such talented customers trust me with their desserts and what a treat it is for me to add a special touch to all their hard work with custom sweets.

I made a smash cake, cookies and cupcakes to add to an already delicious spread. The dinosaur cookie cutters and templates were from SemiSweet Mike. These were so fun to make and so cute!I also love the “spiked” cupcakes. They added a Dino-mic treat to the table and the gummy candies are a sweet and tangy addition to the buttercream icing.

A round of applause to everyone who made this fun party a real jaw-dropper. That little one-year-old is a loved boy!


Chugga-chugga two two

Another fun, birthday filled weekend. I love that these parents saved this theme for their two-year-old. Having a little boy myself who will soon be two (crazy!), I can see that little boys definitely love their planes, trains and automobiles.

This family does such a great job with setting up for their kids’ parties. They decorate everywhere and if that isn’t enough also have fun activities lined up like a snow cone trailer and a train that goes around the neighborhood, choo-choo! I have loved making desserts for their girls so what a treat it was to make their son’s birthday desserts as well.

My little guy was my delivery assistant on this delivery. It was rather difficult to pry him away from the festivities. Who doesn’t love a good party?

Believe it or not, I am quite the minimalist. So when I go on a delivery and my clients have ordered desserts from me plus they have a whole dessert spread that they have assembled and arranged themselves, I am so impressed. Everything looks mouth-watering.

I designed the cake and cookies using the invitation as inspiration. I loved this one, simple but oh-so-cute. The triangle confetti sprinkles had to be used in the design.